Monday, April 23, 2012

Immunity Blues

Sorry for the constant time out's on this little space. I am a bit of a disaster these days as far as the old immune system goes, and I'm really at a loss for how to pick myself back up again. With completely zapped energy levels, and zero motivation, I am really not a pool of accomplishment lately. I have high hopes for the coming days though as I finish up my antibiotics (my THIRD course since January).
Might I warn all those out there who think they can fight strep on their own - don't do it! I tried. I was dreading taking pills again, and so I really tried. 3 days in, it was the worst ever, and had included my ear and teeth in it's evil quest for rule. My whole head had become a throbbing, agonizing pain. Not cool. Since beginning these meds, my body has worked it's way through about 5 more illnesses it seems like, and I feel (*knock on wood*) that things (...with hesitation) may be improving. For example...tonight is the first night I have stayed up past my little ones going to sleep. Probably not a great idea on my part, but just to have a few sweet minutes to myself is a gift  I have not had in a while.

So, here's hopin' I'll be back in this space "with bells on", and maybe even a project or two in the works, in the next few days! Thanks for standing by!!


  1. Don't skip on the rest now. Give yourself time and wait until you feel totally well. Love you xo

  2. Woman! Oh my, take care. And yes, finish the meds in entirety even if you feel better. Strep is nothing to be messed with. We all had it over Christmas, but didn't know right away.
    Be well. But come join my handemade pay it forward!