Thursday, July 25, 2013

Berry Pickin'

This week my big (but not really so big) boy has been at a gymnastics half day camp. I must say, it has felt a little strange going about my afternoon without him, and knowing he isn't just spending his time with family. Comments like "I want to stay at gymnastics camp forever", lead me to believe he is having a good time... but I do have a hard time with the answers "I don't know." and "I can't remember.", when I'm asking him how his afternoon was while we are still standing in the gymnastics centre! Do the vague responses really start at 4 years old?!

Today little brother, baby sister and I filled those day-camp afternoon hours with a visit to a nearby berry farm. While little brother devoured handfuls of raspberries, he also managed to put a few in the basket that he so loved carrying about.

I rarely have an opportunity to watch him experience something on his own, and he was so very into this little experience. It was such a pleasure to watch my, usually quite boisterous, little guy taking his sweet time, gently "filling" his basket with berries, with a whole lot of sampling along the way. Those amazing little chubby fingers that still look so "baby" to me, carefully plucking each raspberry from it's stem. He's growing so fast, and always moving so fast, it's hard to get a good look at him some times.

And then there's my little lady. Our favourite spectator. Just hanging out. More alert by the day, seemingly soaking up everything around her. Sweet baby bliss :)


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  1. Looks like fun! Look at those roly poly arms on the wee babe. So cute. xo