Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I just love the feeling you get when wearing your bub. Having them all cozy and next to you, while at the same time being all hands free and accomplishing. During Levi's first year I regularly "wore" him when he was having an especially sensitive or restless day. He would fall asleep while I carried him about accomplishing laundry and house cleaning tasks.

We currently own three different means of carrying a baby.

Our most used has been the Ergo. It is quick, comfortable, convenient and our first son loved it. He slept like a dream in it, and always seemed incredibly happy while being carried.
Our one issue with it, came when we spent a month in Italy while our boy was in his eleventh month of life. We found that he was at a stage where he was highly curious and loved checking everything out. Unfortunately the Ergo does not allow the infant to face out, and when carrying the child on your back they don't sit quite high enough to get a good view of his or her surroundings.

Despite this, it is a fantastic little carrier for travel. It has a little zippered pocket in the front to hold a wallet, keys, pacifier etc. There are also little tabs which you can easily attach a small toy to. We used the infant insert in the beginning and loved it as well once we got used to it, and figured out how to comfortably set it in the carrier.

It just maximizes how much use you get out of this carrier. I noticed on their website they have updated the insert and it appears to be much more user-friendly. There is a hood which pulls out and over your babes head for sun protection, or just to create a more sleep friendly environment.

The second carrier I use regularly is the Stretchy Wrap by MamaKangarou.
It fits comfortably, babies dig it, but it is a bit of a hassle when you are standing next to the car trying to tie it around yourself, ends hanging in the slush, rain, dirt, or whatever. It's fantastic just leaving from home for a walk, but can be inconvenient when already out and about. This carrier feels like it provides your baby with such comfortable support, and it feels incredibly cosy for the wearer as well - bonus!

I just received the Little Star sling in the post and I LOVE it! I'm a huge fan of the fact that it is Made in Canada - New Brunswick - and I can order one without worrying about the surprise sum of customs and duty. It is convenient, folds up small to fit in your nappy bag, and is usable with your child of up to 35 pounds. Watch what size you buy, because they fit quite small. The company suggests going by your t-shirt size for a woman, and one size above your t-shirt size for a man.

This time around I intend to become an expert at nursing while carrying my little one. Had my first go today with very low success, actually let's call it what it was - a disaster. I attempted at being subtle, and it did not go well. Practise makes perfect though yes?...


  1. Oh LOVE the little star!
    Didn't I give you that one for Levi?

    Nursing with it is tough when they are tiny, but does get easier the bigger they get.


  2. Yes, practice makes perfect. Trying to nurse my first in public was a disaster. By the time I had number five I could go to the market to shop and nurse at the same time with no one being the wiser. I love the last shot and how your little one is looking at the camera! So cute.

  3. It's so great that youbabywear! I am in love with ring slings (heart to heart, mayawrap, etc...) and they are AMAZING for nursing!