Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tongue Tied : The After

It's all done!
The doctor used a special pair of scissors along with a flat two-pronged tool which slides under the tongue and onto either side of the frenulum. She then did a couple of quick snips which I HAD to look away for. There was some blood - not loads, but when we're talking about a newborn baby any blood is too much blood!
With Levi when he was just a few weeks old I was clipping his sweet little finger nails and he had one of those crazy baby reflex things and I clipped the very tip of his precious little thumb. There wasn't actually blood, just a red blood like circle on his thumb, but that was enough to nearly send me into hysterics, while probably stressing him out more with my obsessive, and slightly aggressive apologetic snuggling - like I said, ANY blood is too much. Poor babes!

Owen cried only a minute. It was a pretty sad cry though, and because he also has a blocked tear duct he totally gets teary which is even sadder! Anyway, immediately after I brought him out into the waiting room and fed him, there was a definite change for the better.

I had never heard of this issue of being "tongue-tied" before, which is why I thought I should share. So anyone who hears this about their baby, it is not a big deal, and it's over and done with pretty simply.

Glad that's finished!


  1. I am so glad everything went well and Owen didn't cry too much. It is always so hard when they are little. Now you can have lots of snuggle time.

  2. that little owen is beautiful. glad it was a simple procedure.