Friday, October 21, 2011

Airtime With Little Ones

Ah the airplane bassinet... What a beautiful little blessing. Flying to Italy with our hearty 11 month old being passed between us the entire 8 hours was a serious workout not to mention a strain on the old triceps, so thank the Lord that our 6 month old was a perfect fit. We had pre-booked the bulkhead in order to reap this benefit and it paid off. Thanks, in part, to our complete ignorance of attendants orders to pick him up every 10 minutes due to impending turbulence, he slept soundly for the duration. Please don't misunderstand this as total neglect for our baby's safety, our hands were within distance to hold him or touch him without strain at any moment, and let's be real, If you're peacefully sleeping away, would you like to be wakened so that you are both tired AND panicky? Personally, No thanks.

A Note About Leaving Canada

Leaving the Toronto airport I was struck with the fabulous idea of giving Levi a taste of home by bringing along a small bottle of pure maple syrup and making him pancakes one morning. Well, still being on Canadian soil, the idea was not just brilliant, but also entirely plausible so I popped into the duty free.
The lesson of the day: don't buy syrup at the airport.
11 bucks for a 100ml bottle?? He can have jam on his pancakes.
Part of travel is craving the flavours of home, right?


  1. What great memories you are making Janie! Oh, I really don't like the Toronto airport. When heading to Calgary, we avoid it at all costs. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Me neither Sara! I'm not sure I've ever been in an airport where you have to walk THAT far to get anywhere.

  3. Wow, the bassinet looks so nice! I bet he slept like an angel for sure!

  4. OMG how come I never realized you're Canadian??? ;)
    hello neighbour ~ I'm in Mississauga ;)