Sunday, October 23, 2011

Car Seats?

It's funny with car seats because, at home, when the babies are safely stowed in their's, crying their cute little faces off, I feel extremely irritated that I can't just take them out and give them a cuddle while my husband drives on if I so please. After all, that's how long journeys went when I was young - sitting in my mom's lap, bouncing around our Dodge Ram like it were gym class.

Now, in practise, passengering around with our kids as though they were already in highschool (isn't that about when they are free of them?) I am highly anxious and not-at-all a fan. I would actually give anything for a decent car seat right now!

Cabbies, by trade it seems, are a different breed and pretty much exempt from following the road rules of the average person in most countries, which is a concern being that taxis are our second main mode of transport currently (our feet being our first).

The two car seats we have used, which were so graciously provided by the only car rental agency visited by us on this trip thus far were, before our very eyes, disintegrating. Literally, by the end of the day, the entire back seat and floor were covered in a thick layer of fibrous dust that poor Levi's "safety" seat had shed.
Maybe I should have just held him?


  1. haha, it looks like the 2 boys are taking in the sights without their car seats,so cute, xx

  2. Neat picture and very unusual to see you in the car with the kids like that!

  3. A bit of a toss up, isn't it? Yikes.
    But Levi looks so cheery! They may not remember this trip but those photos will be amazing to look at once they're older. Having said that, this trip will still form them in a way. So wonderful. :)