Friday, June 1, 2012

Abundant WILD Life

My fleeting visits to this blog as of late are due to a number of reasons, most being no fun at all but, happily, there has been one saving grace for this lagging month of May!  An art workshop hosted by Squam, and led by Alena Hennessy has been an amazing treat (ahem. a gift to myself. Thank you, Me!) that I will be sad to finish.

Really, it has been more than an artful experience. The community with fellow workshoppers, as well as encouragement from Alena in opening up our creativity through both nature and our own emotions, has been incredible.

Starting each day by creating personal intentions, release through journaling, and reflection, is very uplifting. My current intention? Figure out a way to make this happen while two toddlers are climbing the walls (They would actually, if they could you know; and it seriously looks as though they may be trying at times)! (As you will learn below, I have already attempted to wake before them - note to self: must try harder!).

Forcing myself to make time for the creative release which I am always desiring, and have been seriously lacking lately, was very fulfilling. For myself, if I can make time for something creative each day, even just a few moments, I am a much happier person. I happen to currently be reading You Are Your Child's First Teacher, by Rahima Baldwin Dancy. How fitting that I just finished a section where Rahima talks about the importance of artistic activity in a mother's life. She states that "Artistic activity involves the same vital or creative forces that your baby is using, but it replenishes rather than depletes them." Mothering really can take a lot out of you, and I know from personal experience that art, in any form, helps balance me out.

Being a stay-at-home mom, actually visiting a Squam retreat is a dream that likely won't be realized for a good, long time. My "Aha!" moment? Discovering they were beginning to host online workshops!! Fabulous, fabulous idea! I can have a mini retreat without leaving my kitchen table, youngin's terrorizing around me while I escape into inks and gel pens.... or something like that.

In actuality, I woke at the break of day along with my man (true story!) to steal an hour or so from the day to escape with inks, paints, and pens. Sounds dreamy right? This (another true story) did not last long (*gasp*). It's time I embraced my true destiny as a 'night-person', but I digress, before long I was stealing my moments post baby-bedtime. Whenever, wherever, however!

Alena has been a wonderful guide, and teacher.  This course,  Abundant *Wild* Life, has led me to explore new creative tools such as india inks (which I love!!), gel pens, and wood panels among them. 'Hip!hip!' for india inks on wood panels - amazing. She encouraged us to find moments of peace in each day; embrace nature, and bring it to our art; embrace ourselves, and bring our whole self into our art. Really, *love*. Good, sweet times, with a whole pile of sweet, welcoming, encouraging chicks!

I am super stoked to have been given the second online squam workshop as a birthday gift from my hubs. So looking forward to a whole new artful experience with Sarah Ahearn Bellemare!

Also, SO looking forward to extending my workshop with Alena through her new book! If you are interested, Abundant *Wild* Life will be hosted again in the fall!

Isn't it amazing what we can accomplish through the internet?! Ahhh, what a cursed blessing it is...


  1. Beautiful paintings. Are they all done with ink ?

    1. Thanks! I was a little embarrassed to add that photo, but felt it a bit necessary to the post... :) The backgrounds are all with ink, the rest is a mix of random papers, acrylics, inks and gel pens.

  2. Wonderful post and I love your pictures along with your art. It is nice to keep the spirit going.

  3. Janie, I hear you. Its very hard. And now that I'm back at work I feel like I'm suffocating. I came across a post on do you read that one?
    She talked about a book that also talks about making time for your creative soul.
    I'm happy that you got another workshop for your birthday. :)
    Good man!

    1. Oh, you must. It's tough enough finding time without having to work outside the home. I was telling TK, I mean TF (?) that we need a chick's creative weekend away - kind of like your fabulous DIY Sunday, only intensified (and with more wine).
      Thanks for passing on the link and it's all too fitting post. I think I need that book!
      Good man indeed :)