Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Mother's Day Apron


One of the few times I have "gone out on a limb" and just created what was in my head, and this half apron is the outcome. I had this vintage thrifted towel put away for AGES to make something for my mom, and after tossing around a hundred different ideas of what project would suit it best, I finally settled and went for it.

The towel itself is completely uncut. I added a waistband, bias tape, and a pocket.

The waistband is from the Yard Sale Wrap Skirt in Heather Ross' book Weekend Sewing. Instead of using her pattern for the shorter side piece, I simply used the longer pattern piece for both sides of the waistband. I sewed the waistband together except for the bottom edge of the 2 centre pieces. I gathered the towel at the top, placed that gathered edge between the two centre waistband pieces, pinned in place and then stitched through all 3 layers along that same edge.

I used a bias tape maker, and found that it is just as simple to create bias tape without one. It does guide the fabric, but you still need to do most of the work. Maybe I wasn't using it correctly?... I'll have to look into that, because I have heard other's say they thought the bias tape maker was wonderful.

~The waistband, pocket lining & bias tape fabric is by Denyse Schmidt for the Hope Valley Collection
~The pocket fabric is Speckled Sky from Cloud9 Fabrics for the Maman Organic Collection
~The small piece of lace was thrifted, as was the vintage towel