Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, our baby boy wasn't feeling too well last week so we decided to set up a nice tame viewing of the Jungle Book for him. Seemed like a good choice as it lacks the intense villains of many other Disney flicks. What did we know?!? Talking animals are definitely enough to freak out a one and half year old, especially one who has watched next to no television. This I know NOW. He had what we believe may have been his first nightmare, had a few sleepless nights, slowly but surely through hand signals and a few tears ensured that all of his stuffed animals were removed from his sight, and now seems to be back on track and friends with his bed again. Thank God!!
I admit I was panicking. I foresaw the new baby here, and Levi wanting in our bed every night which would mean he would not get proper sleeps and the little we were counting on would probably not happen.
We know there will be more sleepless nights and tough times, but it is always such a relief with a little one when you have a moment of realization that none of these things lasts very long.
But then there is that moment of realization that NONE of it lasts very long :(.
Babies grow up so fast!!!



  1. He looks so sweet there!

  2. Wow! how woulda known that the movie woulda freaked him out? Wow! good for you though for hardly ever sitting him in front of the TV :)

    I love your blog Janie!