Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I do so love to travel.

It currently is not possible for me to be traveling all year, every year, and so I need to fill those gaps by talking about it, writing about it, dreaming about it... You get the idea.

Though I'm not much for schedules, I have decided to dedicate Tuesdays to all things travel until further notice.

Just creating my space (at least one day a week) where I can dream, recall, and hopefully even lend a helping hand to the odd like-minded soul.

“People don’t take trips – trips take people.” – John Steinbeck


  1. Being raised in a military family we traveled a lot when I was growing up. Now with children and all the animals I have turned into quite the homebody. I am very excited to read about your traveling adventures! Where are you in the above picture? It looks like a beautiful spot.

  2. This photo was taken along the Tiger Leaping Gorge in China.
    It's funny cause other than travel, I am a major homebody!