Thursday, May 26, 2011

Plane Trip

We're heading off tonight for a much anticipated two week holiday to visit family. This will be Owen's first flight, where air travel is old hat to Levi. Fingers crossed for a flight with a few empty seats, or at least for a big, busy boy to be content sitting on his dada's lap for 4 hours!
We have a few plans up our sleeves to keep the peace including LOTS of snacks, and a new DVD just in case he isn't feeling whatever is on the seat back TV. He doesn't watch much TV at home, so when he does he pretty much loves whatever is happening on the screen, but you just never know. We also will have the always trusty paper and crayons, but it tends to be a short-lived form of amusement at this point in Levi's life.

I think everything is all packed and ready to go. I will continue to post when I'm away, but of course it will depend on all the goings on, so maybe a little less than usual.




  1. Have a save and fun trip Janie! I look forward to hearing all bout it when you get home.

  2. Have fun Janie! Take lots of pictures! See you when you get back.