Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TRAVEL TUESDAY: Must Haves With Baby

There are a few items I am so glad we have had with us traveling that I really think I should share:

*My sister in law lent us this amazing stroller sun shade, and I don't know what we would have done without it under the hot Italian sun. Our son was able to nap protected, in complete shade no matter where we were. The shade is called Protect-A-Bub by Kiddopotamus. Well worth it. I will not find myself traveling in a hot climate without it. It packs up into a small carrying case, can fold back on the stroller when not needed, and can be pulled right down to create a cozy sleeping space for your babe. If you are bringing a stroller, definitely bring one of these along too.

*This great, packable, cloth "high chair" has served us well.
Specifically in Italy, Highchairs in restaurants were obsolete except at a couple of tourist sights (Pompeii, and one restaurant in a central piazza in Florence were the only high chairs available to us on our entire trip).
We sometimes were able to find space to fit a small stroller next to our table, but more often they were tightly packed and there just wasn't the room. This fabric seat cover also came in very handy for feeding times at our apartment rentals.

*A small night light or flashlight can be invaluable when your little one wakes in the night and you are trying to navigate your way to them through a new, unfamiliar space without turning the lights on.
I've never used a headlamp, but thinking we will try that out for our next trip. You will most likely be sharing your sleeping space with your child or children while on the road. This can make reading at bedtime somewhat difficult, which I quite like to do. I have considered buying a small clip on reading light, but I think a headlamp might be the smarter buy as it would serve well for both reading and tending to your baby in the night. Everywhere we have gone with our son, I have wished I had one.

*A sling, or carrier. There are so many places that can be tackled so much easier with a carrier. We have used the Ergo for our last couple of trips and love it. Our only problem with it is that our child is at such a curious age we would have loved a carrier that he could face out in and see the world. Here is an earlier post where I wrote about the three carriers we have tried and enjoyed.

*We carry one bib with us, the Kiddopotamus Bibbity Rinse and Roll Bib.
It is wipeable, and rolls up into itself to pack away easily. I would definitely recommend a bib such as this. You don't want cloth bibs, it just adds to your wash load, and your weight as you would need several as opposed to one.

*A toy strap is very useful for preventing a snack cup, sippy cup, or favourite toy from falling to the ground (or for averting that fun little game of throwing toys to the ground while mom or dad continually pick them up). Here is a simple tutorial to make your own.

*If your child uses a pacifier, do not leave home without a pacifier clip. For us we never used one at home, but were so grateful to have one with us on our trip.

*The last, most important, thing to bring is: as little as possible. Since you already have your most important item (your baby) to worry about you really want little else to distract you.

This list was mainly compiled on our trip to Italy which was when our son was 11 months old.

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  1. That high chair is AWESOME! Gosh I wish I had that...