Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Though at a distance, I am so blessed to have my mom in my life. She is a strong, courageous, beautiful woman who I consider myself lucky to be told regularly how much I look and act like her. She has been tested with tragedy more times in her life than anyone should, and still she holds strong in her faith and love for God and family.

For all the times I thought to myself how I wanted to be different (hormonal teenager talking there), my mom is with me every step I take in my own actions, and every choice I make for my babies, and I am so thankful for it.

She no longer has her own mom in her life, but her mom shines through her as my mom shines through me in so much that I do. That is the blessing of a mother.

Thank you Mom for everything. I love you.


  1. That is a wonderful post to your mom. I don't see my mom like I wish, but we do talk all the time, more now than when I lived at home! Your mom is beautiful and holding her grandson she just glows.

  2. Oh Janie, you make me cry. I am so thankful to have a daughter like you. You are a beautiful woman and a wonderful Mom. You have taught me so much and I love you more than I can say.