Monday, March 12, 2012

Good clean fun!

As it turns out, finger painting is not Levi's thing. He just can't handle the messy factor, and insists I clean his hands each time he touches the paint. I got right in there and tried to show him that messy can, in fact, be fun, but he just wasn't buyin' it.

A switch to something a bit "cleaner", and he was a busy, happy boy for ages.

...Meanwhile in the "tupperware" cupboard...


  1. Love it! I like to be clean too. He is a boy after my own heart. Love to see those two busy boys. xo

  2. one likes to clean and one likes to make a mess haha xx [granny]

  3. Funny eh? You just assume they'll love it but nope. I've had that with J a few times. Such great boys!