Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny from Small Things this week.

Love, love, Loved this book. I kept it close at hand, so I could pick it up at a moments notice to read a quick page or two on everything from baking and sewing, to travel and art. Great writing, and just a pleasure to read. It is broken up into so many brief articles, which makes it an ideal read for a mom of two very busy little boys.

As for the project up above? Well, this little bit of hook-work is quickly becoming the longest running project. Ever.


  1. I really need that book! Since learning to knit it has really cut into my cleaning time!
    Happy Yarn Along!

  2. i love that book too. your wip looks pretty!

  3. Well, I'm going to add that book to my wish list!
    And your wip really does look lovely. :D
    I have 3 going on right now. Okay, one is always dish clothes but...

  4. Oh wow beautiful texture of your knitting :)
    and the book sounds lovely - I will look for it next time I'm at chapters. xo