Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Travel Tuesday: Postcards From Fes

The Moroccan people were definitely something to write home about.
For how many times I had heard before visiting Fes that we would find it incredibly overwhelming due to high pressure from touts - namely medina "guides" - we truly never did. There have been many times on our travels, since having Levi, where I wondered if we would be experiencing the same level of care and politeness had we been without a child - our experience in Fes may be a perfect example of this. This isn't to say we were never approached for various reasons, but no one really persisted beyond our "no thank you".
There were at least 2 or 3 people, at different times, to approach simply to tell us "blessings on your beautiful children" and "may they be protected, in sha'allah (God Willing)". Each person to say these words to us expressed them with a great deal of emotion. They really meant it, and we really felt it. Very unexpected, and highly appreciated. This at a time when our defenses were down - we were sick, we were tired and, in turn, very concerned for our babies.

We owe Fes another shot, and we will make sure we give it.


  1. THat sounds like a wonderful place to visit! Anyplace that treats children like that is worth getting to know!

  2. What a great post. I remember reading about you all being sick. And the photo here with baby in daddy's arms, passed out. So hard to carry on. Glad you were able to experience some of your surroundings. *smile*