Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hemming Jeans With The Original Hem

I gave this a try on a new pair of too-long denim's I had bought and I'm happy with it. Unfortunately I hemmed them shorter than I feel a pair of bells should be! The beauty of this hem is I can (but really don't want to) take it out and try again as the excess fabric is still there. I'll probably let them irritate me for a week or so before I can't take it anymore, and then go to the trouble of fixing them.

I felt the excess material would become bothersome, and so I ironed the material up the leg of the jean and machine stitched "in the ditch" of each side seam. I considered a small hand sewn stitch around the perimeter but, it would take much longer than you want a hem job to, and you might end up with little dimples around your pant leg.

This works very well for a pant with a wide hem and I would definitely do it again.