Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crocheted Baby Blanket - A year in the making

Aha! Finished and it isn't even his first birthday yet. That's less than a year to crochet a blanket - believe me, this is amazing for me.

I started knitting this blanket during the week my son was too cosy to brace us with his presence and decided, as his brother before him, that he would take an extra week of belly livin'. The project was ignored for a while after that, as many were, until I finally picked it up again, took it all out and decided to crochet instead as I thought I would be "quicker" at crochet. HA! Well at least I finished it. I think I'll hit up some very satisfying quick and easy projects for a bit now and give myself a break from the major commitments...

Here's the only pic I could manage of my little freedom loving babe with his new blanket.

The specs:
Cloud Cotton Eco
Colour Code: 106, 115, 117 (Don't know which is which, but the colours are a cream, a light brown, and a light green).
Chain 108
*(Light Brown, 6 rows, DC. Green, 6 rows, DC)
*Repeat this sequence 3 more times
Light Brown, 6 rows, DC
One row single crochet - Cream
One row double crochet - Cream
One row single crochet - Brown
Approximately 29" x 36"

A few awesome ideas for crocheted baby blankets just popped up over at Fun Fabrication!


  1. It looks great . I love the color combo! Another cute pic of the babe. xo

  2. Good job! Now that you're over the hump of that project you might feel more inspired to try more. Its hard. And yes, pick something smaller. :)
    He's such a cutie.
    And the colours are so retro-awesome.