Friday, February 10, 2012

Where Are You Winter?

We have had amazing weather lately. Since winter, as we know it, has been somewhat absent I was starting to get antsy for Spring!

Let's be real though. We all know March is hammer-time for snowfall in these parts, and we're expecting a pretty decent drop in temperature through the night so we shall see... There may yet be snowball making, sledding and the brushing off of cars!


  1. We were 79 degrees last week and I even have flip flop marks on my feet. Tonight we are going to be 26 degrees...crazy!

  2. Its like you wished for it! I hope your boys enjoy the snow today!

  3. Its been cold here the past few days. We had a bit of "snow", but nothing to make anything out of. I'm ready for spring, I'm a warm weather girl. :)