Monday, June 11, 2012

The Second Camping Weekend Of 2012

Fourteen hours of solid down pour hurt, a little. Thankfully, our second camping weekend of the year had more than one night to go ahead and redeem itself. 
You know what? It did.

 *Photo by Jim 

We rolled up to our campground, after a beautifully sunny day (with 10% chance of rainfall predicted by the weather network - those animals!), as a lovely little sun shower began.

Jim put the tent up all on his onesie while I took the boys to the playground. Just as we strolled up after some serious swing-time, the rain really took hold, and as Jim was scrambling to chuck a tarp up, the rain was falling. Hard.
So much for 10%, you jerks. (Ya gotta blame somebody, right?!).

So, thoroughly water-logged 14 hours into our 2nd rainy camping weekend, the sun came out.
First it peeked - just a little. A teaser, if you will.
Then a touch more rain just to let us know who's boss.  Then, finally, the love.
Oh sunny sun! 

We finally received a little of exactly what we needed.
(Seriously, so far we were starting to question the whole thing. Our last few camping experiences have been very damp  - boy, are we persistent).

I love my camping crew.

We have been craving a pop-up tent trailer for quite some time. A couple weekends of trying to set up and take down camp with little people around, has given us a serious push in wanting this dream to be realized NOW!
Watching other families be packed up and off in 10 minutes - oh so jealous.
I do like sleeping in a tent, but simplicity is such a gift when you are a parent to two small boys. Sorry, I really and truly meant when you are a parent to any small being.

ps. these were the sweetest, yummiest strawbs ever.
pps. I never see these silly little green baskets, and sorta kinda fell for it. 
So, despite my hubby's rolling eyes, and shaking head, it cruised back home with us in our car, where it now sits in my sewing room. Oh the things we do...


  1. aww, sorry it rained again. maybe next time, 3rd time lucky.great pics though xx [mam]

    1. Thanks. But hey - at least we had one full night and, even some daytime with sunlight!