Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TRAVEL TUESDAY: Madrid to Barcelona, Moving Day!

Here is a reasonably average example (though tipped to the better end of the scale) from one of the travel days on our last trip.

8:00am - Wake up!
Jim and I start packing up the last little bits, putting the apartment back to how it was when we arrived, dress, and wash up.

8:45am - Get Levi and Owen fed, washed, and changed.

9:15am - A final tidy, and scour for possible loose ends.

9:20am - Out the door, dropping the garbage and recycling in the bins outside on our way. We walk 10 minutes to the subway with Levi in the stroller, Owen in a carrier on my front, a small backpack on Jims front, and our main packs on our backs.

9:45am - Arrive at the train station, and have breakfast at a cafe. Levi has a croissant with Jam, and Jim and I have Coffee, fresh OJ, and toast drizzled with olive oil, and spread with a tomato paste - Yum!

10:15am - Buy water and browse the magazine shop.

10:27am - RUN LIKE MAD!! We just found out we are in the wrong spot and have 3 minutes to get to the right spot, and we have to worry about putting our bags through security. Even though we´re on the level of track 3, we have to run upstairs and then take an escalator back down to our train.

10:30am - Phew! I´m sitting in our seats with the babes, while Jim folds up the stroller and stacks the bags on the luggage rack at the end of our coach.

10:33am - The couple behind us moves to give us space, or possibly to get away from the ensuing ruckus. Either way, it is fabulously helpful.

10:33am - 1:22pm -
*1 nap for Owen (A good one! YAY!)

*2 feedings for Owen (One at the beginning and one at the end)
*3 Mandarin Oranges
*1 visit to the food coach

*3 Nappy changes (between the two)

*Several strolls
*1.5 Litres of water
*Some puzzling (We just bought one book that has 5 small 4 piece puzzles)

*1 episode of Backyardigans on the ipod
*Random minutes here and there of a spanish dubbed film where Mel Gibson is losing his mind (accompanied by his beaver puppet) - Is this a reasonable example of art imitating life?
*Lots of trying to keep Levi from climbing the seats (means going for more walks)
*4 visits from train attendants for seat checking, the drinks and snacks cart, the newspaper/magazine cart, and to bring us Lindor chocolate - yes you read that last one right!

1:22pm - Arrive in Barcelona!
Subway and walk to our new apartment, phoning our hostess from the first payphone we see to let her know we´re almost there.

2:00pm - Arrive at the apartment. Go over all the details (appliances, keys, layouts, heating etc.). Some confusion in our past communication causes differing amounts from what was expected - an amount we paid previous was a deposit and not a part of the total amount owed. Jim leaves with the owner to visit a bank and finalize payment.

2:30pm - Unpack, put all clothes in drawers, make any necessary child-friendly rearrangements to the furniture (to prevent falls out of bed, other injuries, or broken stuff).

3:00pm - Venture out to find the nearest park and explore our new neighbourhood, first stopping at the downstairs bakery for a sweet treat (of course).

Find a huge park just down the road with a public library right next to it. Owen and I head over to the library for a peek and 2 seconds of free web browsing until we are courteously pushed out. Meeting Jim and Levi back at the park, we find a giant (slowest ever in the world) zip line which gives us a good couple of laughs.

4:30pm - Come across a former bullring turned 5 level Mall called "Arena" which has 360 degree views of Barcelona on the roof. Amazing.

5:30pm - Have a noodle dinner at a restaurant called Udon (Our 2nd as we enjoyed this place once in Madrid as well).

6:30pm - A quick grocery shop for the next couple day's breakfasts, snacks, and drinks and then  "home" for relaxing, planning, and sleeping!



  1. This could definitely be the format for a travel book... day by day. So interesting and as always wonderful pictures!

  2. i am exhausted just reading this. i don't know how you guys did it, but you came back in one piece. great pics xxxx [mam]