Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Camilla Valley Farm

Are you a knitter/crocheter/weaver who has found yourself wandering the Orangeville area? I can definitely not call myself a weaver, barely a knitter (I'm workin' on it), and just a dabbler in crochet, but I can most definitely appreciate a lovely skein of yarn nearly as much as a beautiful yard of fabric. Okay, let's be serious, I'm beginning to hoard yarn nearly as badly I am fabric, despite how slowly I am to complete a project...
Anyway, if you do happen to dabble in one or all of these creative arts, and also happen to be in Orangeville, there is a gem of a shop only about 15 minutes drive out - and a lovely drive at that.

Camilla Valley Farm is a family run business, catering to weavers and knitters. 

Oh to run my own little creative shop, only steps from my front door - although, you'd probably catch me puttering in my shop sportin' jammies if that were the case.

They are specialists in Leclerc Weaving Looms - both in restoration, and the purchase of new and pre-loved looms. Just looking at these beautiful "machines" has me wanting to learn.

They carry a great selection of yarn, books, and accessories, including their own fiber line specific to weaver's. I picked up a couple of skeins from the Canadian Collection, a 100% Canadian wool yarn which I look forward to adding to my yarn shelf -  and even using in a project someday! ;) It just might be a good idea for me to start purchasing project specific yarn as opposed to stocking up for who knows what plan... But, then where is the fun in that?

Worth a visit!


  1. Looks like a very cool place. Yarn is just as addictive as fabric.

  2. I might have to take the back roads to visit my sister in Guelph one day and stop here!