Thursday, July 15, 2010

We're Off!

Yesterday was a mix of frenzied packing, dealing with home builder warranty issues (yuck), an injury my little one could have done without and I KNOW I could have done without, and the Roasting of my very first chicken! After thinking about tackling what seemed like a big feat for so long, I finally did it and it was too easy!
I used this recipe from Jamie Oliver's website and it tasted really amazing. Don't be afraid of the lemon, the flavour was nowhere near too strong. Really delicious.

I feel like I'm saying "We're off" a lot! Admittedly, I have been very spoiled in getting to go back to Alberta to visit family for my now 5th time since getting back from our long trip in 2008. My son just turned one and this is his 4th time if you aren't counting the time he was in my belly! He should have some sort of West Jet Frequent Flyer card or something.

The time difference is only 2 hours but it does make a difference. The last time I was wakened every day at 5am (not by choice, mind). I wonder what this trip will bring? Italy was a 6 hour difference and he did very well, so he should be a pro at this by now right??

A visit to Alberta is generally a busy one. There are so many in our family (immediate and extended), and they are so spread out you spend a great deal of time in transit. I am so happy to be here! ...Ah, but then I miss my man back at the ranch. I wish he could have joined me on this little excursion. :(

It is an amazing feeling when you visit your parent's house that no matter if they have moved, changed things around, or bought new furniture, it always feels like home - to me, anyway. I always feel an immediate sense of calm, and happiness just walking through the door. It's Good To Be Home!

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