Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where did the year go?

My very special little boy turned ONE yesterday!

I know how hard I searched for party ideas, so here are a few I can share
The little container with the #1 on it came in a 3 pack from IKEA (including a #2 and a #3, of course), I will use the 2 next year (etc.), and then he has 3 little containers to keep his toys in. I thought it would be cute as a birthday centerpiece, and it also held all the cutlery.

Loot bags were made from the sleeves of thrifted men's shirts that I am collecting to make this little boy's (one day) big boy quilt

Plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery were bought (as a substitute for disposable) at IKEA to be put away and used only for Birthdays. I would have preferred something that wasn't plastic, but you'd be hard pressed to find something as durable, long-lasting, and easy for a child's birthday

And of course, the Reusable Birthday bunting made from scraps of pillowcases, dress shirts, sheets, and other bits from the stash

My one disposable splurge (besides balloons) were these sweet napkins. Couldn't help it!

All in all, a fabulous day. A year ago, we were marveling at this brand new little guy - wondering what his personality would be like, when those first teeth would come, when those first steps would happen - and now here we are looking back on his first year already. I love this little boy of mine SO much. Happy Birthday to him!

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  1. great party ideas! He is so cute.