Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thrifted Goodies!

A little time spent at my favourite Goodwill in Edmonton, Alberta left me rewarded with a few awesome little goodies.

This sweet little wooden pull toy - hedgehog? porcupine? Cute anyway. It's Ikea, but I have never seen it before and I'm sure it wouldn't have been as cheap as I scored it for.

This awesome little vintage retro kids chair which I will keep red, but recover the seat.

This vintage Spear's Weaving Loom from the 50's. Can't wait to try it out. Though my mom bought me a vintage "Weave-it Loom" for Christmas last year and I still haven't gotten around to it. I'll just addd this one to the pile of things I REALLY would love getting around to someday! ;)

I also picked up "The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway" for my hub, and a couple of sweet kids books: "Til All The Stars Have Fallen : Canadian Poems For Children", and " A Trip to Granny Rumbletummy's".

There may yet be another thrifting post before I head back to Ontario on thursday. My Mom and I love treasure hunting at second hand shops, and they are just so great here - cheaper and less picked through (*knock on wood*). I think Wednesday will be a great day to hit our other favourites.


  1. Have you tried the loom?

  2. No, not yet. Definitely need to. I want to try the weave-it first if I can only scrape some time together. The little guy is keeping my days busier and busier all the time :).