Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, here is my vanity table & seat I FINALLY finished (with a little help from my hubby) for our bedroom. I bought it at the thrift shop for 30 bucks at about this time last year. The mirror is an old find from several years ago, the little vintage Avon jars I picked up around the same time as the vanity. My husband's aunt gave me the tree which is meant for small photo frames but they have been discontinued. It works perfect for my collection of earrings (jewellery was and is my travelling weakness).

...And here sits my next project
(Desk from the thrift shop for Forty dollars)

...And my next
(This turtle footstool was built for me by my Grandpa, but has since lost his eyes, poor guy, and worn out his "shell" a bit - He is in desperate need of love)

That's all I'm allowed right now. I have been forbidden to bring home any more furniture projects that I may want assistance with.
Oh, but he is a good sport. I'm sure he could be swayed should the perfect item appear. ;)


  1. Love the vanity table!

  2. Your vanity looks awesome! and that turtle is the cutest!

  3. love your blog Janie, and don't I have that fabric (on your blog header) for some of my dresses?!?

  4. I LOVE that turtle footstool! Can't wait to see his "makeover". :-)

  5. How cute is that turtle! Even more gorgeous when it has such wonderful sentiment to it too.