Monday, April 18, 2011

A Turtle For Sitting

I posted about this "to be completed" task a looooong time ago here and here. My grandpa made me this awesome little stool when I was a fair bit younger, and I have loved it. Unfortunately, as does happen, over time this poor old turtle lost his eyesight, acquired a couple holes in his shell, and just took a bit of a beating. He has finally been given a new lease on life. He can see again, he has a new shell, and a fresh coat of paint, skin??



I found a bag of these fantastic eyes at the St.Jacobs Antique Market for 2 bucks. Anyone need eyes for anything??? I've still got several pairs left. Jim drilled holes in the turtle and glued the eyes in, and I painted him up and recovered his "shell". I am so excited that this little stool is now going to be a part of my little boy's lives as it was a part of mine!


  1. I think your turtle looks great and how sweet your little boy looks on it. What a wonderful thing to pass on to your children.

  2. I love the fabric, and the color you painted it is great! Hang on to those eyes they are often hard to find and come in handy for projects. Perfect time to finish it. Levi looks like a happy boy. It just fits. xo

  3. Dude, I can't believe how good that turtle looks -always thought it was cool.

  4. i love that stool and love even more that you had the vision to refinish it in such a cute and stylish way!