Saturday, October 30, 2010

Which "shell" I choose...

Decisions, decisions...
This old guy has been pulled back out of the garage, since three potential fabrics were discovered for his "shell".

The local Fabricland is closing due to not having enough business which is incredibly sad as it is the only place to really get sewing supplies without driving 20km. The one positive thing is that everything has been 75% off!

When we were living in Perth, Australia, I had to take about 3 buses just to find a store even for the simplest of sewing projects. Everyone I asked said they had all closed down due to a lack of interest. I suppose less people are sewing all the time which is really surprising as with sites like Etsy and so many creative bloggers out there, it seems the opposite.

Anyway, I have collected my fair share of fabric and other sewing implements in this past month while the store clears out their stock. These 3 fabrics are possible contenders for my little turtle footstool.

May the best cloth win!


  1. OH! I love this turtle stool! I really like the middle one. It's warm and works well with the color of the wood I think. Too bad you couldn't find some buttons that color to match and glue them on for eyes.

  2. I'm with the stripes all the way!