Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slightly delayed

...but, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

We are just finishing up the last of our homemade turkey soup. mmm... I scored on that one, as my generous aunt loaded me up with all the turkey bones and left-over meat after a tasty dinner last Friday. When I first tried my soup (first attempt) I was not all that impressed, but it just seems to get better and better with every bowl. I suppose maybe it's like a good stew, or chili where leftovers are almost better than the first meal...

We have been buying up the apples at one of our local farms, and therefore have needed to make a whole lot of apple-y goodness.
One of my favourite cookie recipes is an applesauce drop cookie in the Betty Crocker cookbook I use so regularly. They were even tastier with fresh pureed apples, than with my usual go-to of store bought sauce. I also loved having an excuse to pull out my apple peeler for the first time (Thanks Mom)!

I am looking forward to making some tasty pumpkin pancakes as I bought a nice little pie pumpkin the other day. There are just way too many awesome things to make with pumpkin, I'm gonna need to get a couple more.

Today I found myself buying a big old box of candy for giving out on Halloween. MISTAKE! As if we'll even have 95 kids at our house, and I think deep down I knew it, but nonetheless... I purposefully bought a type of candy that I would love to eat should we not get very many trick-or-treaters (last year we had all of 8 kids). Next time I must remember to go the other route, and buy something I don't like. I have already sampled a few and it's been just a few hours in our house.

I had big plans to sew my little guy a costume - even bought all the material for it, but it looks like it will be his 2011 costume, as for some reason I can't seem to get anything other than sorting and cleaning done in this house.

Well, as tomorrow will show I have at least finally brought that tidy-bug down to my sewing space. I must say, a clean room does a lot more for my creative mind. It's just too easy to put things off when you are surrounded by a chaotic mess. Yay for space to brainstorm!!

p.s. 20 weeks today! I'm half way there :)

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