Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Handmade Holiday

Well, as it is, blogging has been pretty far from my mind lately and I have a lot of catching up to do on reading some of my favourites.

I feel as though time is racing by, and I haven't made any gifts yet! I mean, it is nearly November!!

There are so many gifts you can create for others while using pre-existing goodies from your local thrift shop or your own storage space.
Scout your local thrift for items you can spruce up with a coat of paint (maybe chalkboard paint?..), a little decoupage, or some other ingenious makeover idea.

There are always tons of baskets available for cheap, which with a coat of paint, and a big old ribbon, would be a great gift filled with something yummy.

Mason jars layered with ingredients for a tasty cookie, or soup. Recipe attached of course.

Photo frames decorated with hardware, tiny toys, jewelery etc. and then spray painted one solid colour. I saw a mirror at a craft show decorated with buttons in a diagonal rainbow formation. Super cute.

Here is a great gift idea for using old children's books: Vintage Book Memory Game

Quilts out of second-hand t-shirts.

Don't forget to Check your local area for craft shows. Christmas Craft Shows are the perfect place to pick up creative inspiration, not to mention unique handmade gifts. They are usually held throughout the month of November.

Here are a couple I am aware of for people living in the Greater Toronto area and around:
The One of A Kind Show - Held November 25 to December 5th at the Direct Energy Centre, Toronto (Also found in Vancouver, Chicago & New York)

Fair November - November 18 to 21st at the University of Guelph

SpeakEasy - December 2nd at the Gladstone Hotel

Stop over @ Plain and Joyful Living- the inspiration behind a Handmade Holiday where you will find links to all the other fantastic people who have joined in on this quest!

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  1. Love the vintage book memory game idea!