Friday, October 29, 2010

A Fruitful Day at the Thrift

My mom and I visited both of the local thrift shops here and I came across some pretty great stuff today.
The first shop reeled us in with their 50% off clothing sale. Unfortunately nothing I liked happened to be clothing!
The second had us just by being on route to home.
So, here is a peek at some of the spoils of our afternoon...

I am always so surprised when I find something in a second-hand shop that someone has put so much time and effort into, like the needlework in the back.
I bought the oil lamp with the hope that a similar shaped milk glass top would fit. It does not, but for 99 cents I'm still pretty happy with it.
The small business card holder and white organizer are for my sewing room. I'm gonna need more room if I keep "organizing"! :)
The two little ceramic turkey candleholders will be nice on my table next year.

My mom bought this wooden sled for the little guy. Fingers crossed that we actually get snow this winter!

I bought this bedspread thinking it may be a little much as such, but with the turquoise colour in it I thought it would at least make great throw pillows for my guest room bed. Once I tried it on the bed though I think I like it as just that.

You never know what you'll find!

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  1. Wow, what great thrifts!!! That bedspread is so perfect.