Saturday, October 16, 2010

Creating space in my creative space

My little crafty corner was becoming a bit of a catch-all there for a while. Seeing as all I could think about was wanting to clean it up, there was no room in my mind for brainstorming and making :(.
Finally, I found a wee bit of time, and an extra dresser in the garage that needed a little fixing on a drawer but holds a whole lot more stuff which I desperately needed.

Here is a little peek at a few nooks and crannies in my creative space.

It may be a furnace room, but it's mine, and I love having any space at all!


  1. Oh it looks awesome. I love how organized it is. Your fabric is folded so nicely and easy to find. This is definitely inspiration for me to get moving on organizing my creative space

  2. How did I not know this about you?! My space looks kind of similar but is the laundry room.'re is much less cluttered and holy crap you have a lot of fabric!!
    Hope you're doing well Janie, and congrats on the new boy about to come into your lives.