Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Hot Pad and the Question Mark

What to do? What to do?...

I found these 2 pieces of vintage material at the thrift shop a while ago and couldn't decide what to do with them.

I finally, just yesterday, chose a purpose for the little square piece of Santa fabric - a hot pad. I combined it with two different fabrics that I picked up while in Khorat, Thailand, and the inside is two layers of re-purposed towel. The thrift shop sells bags full of used towels for a couple bucks, so I hot water wash 'em and they work perfect as filler for different projects.

Anyway, I am super happy with this little project, but I require another perfect purpose. The second piece of material is linen and much bigger. It looks like it was a portion of a much larger tablecloth at one time. Whatever it will be will require ironing all the time :( so I'll have to factor that in to my decision I suppose. I'll have to stew on that one a tad longer...


  1. I would scan that other fabric before you make anything. It would be great wrapping paper for small gifts. If you scan it you can resize the pattern. By the way the hot pad looks great!

  2. Good idea! Too bad my scanner sucks!! Hey, guess you'll be able to show me how to use it properly in less than a week :)

  3. so excited!!!!!