Saturday, October 22, 2011


Discovering AND appreciating a new city as we all try and find our new daily "routines" while overcoming jetlag is no easy task. The strong dose of it I was dealt this trip seems to have been the most difficult.

Being a nursing mom means when I am finally tired, but my little guy decides it's breakfast, I can't argue. Then when he decides he wants to party for a couple hours post-brekky (this being 4am Portugal time), there is not much I can say about that either.

you wouldn't think this was 4 am...

We spent our first week so up and down (mentally and physically - man Lisbon is hilly!). From energized and ready to take it all on, to completely deflated, with short tempers.
Of course, we were never hungry at the "right" times. Tired at midnight, and wide awake at 1am.

We found through it all, as we have done before,that we just needed to embrace it. Sleep when sleepy, eat when hungry, play when play was necessary (colouring at 2am, playing "toos" (tools) at 4am) -whatever it took.

Thankfully, we found synchronicity or it found us, and by the end of the first week our body clocks were finally in concurrence with the rise and fall of the sun.


  1. how could you argue about "sleepy time" with a cute face like that and the sweetest smile you'll ever see. i love you sooo much baby owen, granny xx

  2. gorgeous little boy. that's why they make babies so cute. cause at 2am... that's what keeps us sane. You're a good mama keeping up with him!