Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Keeping Up

Just a brief intro to say my hubby, myself, and our 2 little boys are at the beginning of a 12 week backpacking trip through Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Germany, and finally Scotland where we will visit with family.

It is a lot more difficult to grab a moment at an internet cafe when there isn't one accessible to you post-baby bedtime, you have two jetlagged babies, and are a breastfeeding mom.

I finally grabbed some spare moments this past Saturday, mapped out an internet point, grabbed my nursing babe and headed off only to arrive at a locked door with no indication as to how long it would remain closed - even more of a kick in the butt because little Mr.Nevernaps had fallen asleep most conveniently right before arrival.

That same evening, I came upon another internet point and sat down thinking maybe, just maybe, the little baby boy on my knee would be cool with 20 minutes, okay 10 minutes of computer time.

2 seconds in, this event occurred:
In seemingly suspended motion I watched as he reached for his dummy clip (eg.paci, soother etc.), tore it from his shirt, thereby pulling the dummy from his unknowing happily soothed lips and threw it to the floor underneath the computer desk of our cubicle in a not-so-nice place.

There are many reasons why that is the grossest and saddest dummy falling disaster, but I most definitely will not get into it.

Anyway, his angry tears came on just moments later, so after the briefest of brief facebook scans, a short and sweet message to our mama's, and barely a glimpse at my email account, I was throwing down my 50 Euro cent and heading back out the door.

Four days have passed and we have since moved on from Lisbon, now chilling in the Algarve. Just down the road from us, a hotel is kindly letting us use their internet for free (or they possibly think we are guests, but I'm not sure and who am I to question such kindness?).

While I cleverly use Donald Duck episodes on YouTube as a tool of distraction for my 2 year old at the computer next to me (Don't judge..), I finally sit with a pocket of time ready to share a little with you and this excuse of a blog is all I've got because, basically, everything else demands photos and uploading is not a current possibility. So, until next time which is hopefully soon... xo


  1. The dummy disaster! Just one of many stories you will have to remember. Hope there are lots of really good ones to share as well. Have fun and take care. xo

  2. but you managed it! an entire entry! i hope its fun travels you brave soul. but you're a travel babe so i know you needed this. have a great time!

  3. well done janie, you managed a blog and it's great to hear [read] from you.hope you guys are having a great time. big hugs for my baby boys xx xx