Friday, September 23, 2011

Paint with Water

Remember these books??

I thought they would be a fun and fabulous easy intro to painting for my boy, but I forgot how each page tends toward a brownish green soaking mess. Ah well, he has fun and that's the point right?

If you are on a quest, as I was, I found these books at the dollar store.

I have also picked up a paint with water book that, instead of the dots, has a "pallet" on each page. This still would require a regular brush cleaning in the water jar though which, I'm pretty sure, is not something my little artist is yet prepared to do. Again, fun times are what count!


  1. My girls enjoy doing these also. It can get messy!

  2. I have several of the same books to use here! The wee one here likes to use q-tips to paint with since it's easier to control in her little hand. Give it a try. xx

  3. Great idea Tracey! I will definitely try that.

  4. Fun times indeed! ;)
    My girl used to love these and it was a good low-mess kind of a job.
    She also went crazy on a Buddha board - you know which I mean? It has a stone finish and you paint with water. That was mine and her favourite thing to do ;)
    A q-tip huh? Great idea ;) I wonder if that happened by accident? ;)