Sunday, December 5, 2010

Handmade Holiday: Progress!

YAY! Success has been happening one stitch at a time over here.
I finally finished my little guy's car cozy and am pretty psyched about it. An amazingly handy little idea, that will be quick and easy for stuffing in his nappy bag, and entertaining him while out and about. It didn't take long at all, it's just all about seeking out that perfect chunk of time in which to get to work on it.

I mentioned this cozy a few weeks ago on my Handmade Holiday post about some of the incredible free tutorials available online, and this is so definitely one of those.
The tutorial I used is courtesy of Homemade by Jill, and I borrowed the adapted ideas of Polkadot Prints, so many thanks to those two fantastic bloggers!

The outside, and the pockets are made from an old pair of jeans; the wheels from an old wool sweater which I felted.
The inside Roadway material and the roadsign fabric used for the car applique are both from Riley Blake's Wheels collection which I picked up on Etsy.

I also finished a little stocking stuffer this week which we have been working on at our parent & child Waldorf group Monday mornings. It is a simple handstitched wool felt ball. This will be a much kinder toy to our home considering how much he likes to throw a ball. Though he may not like it as much as a ball that has the potential of causing a ruckus...
Anyway, I know I've said it before but hand-sewing really is so meditative, and chilled out. I totally enjoyed working on this little project.

Hope you are all finding success in your gift-making, baking, card writing, or whatever holiday projects may be on your list!


  1. Both things look very neat. I don't know how you are getting so much done!!

  2. I don't really know either! Gotta love late nights and naptimes. :)