Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Crafty Goals

2010 was a good year for accomplishing my creative goals, and I think I have to thank blogging for that. I have been so inspired and encouraged by reading the blogs of others and by the great feedback and encouragement I have received through my own blog, so thank you SO, SO much to ANYONE who has read and responded to this little space of mine, and to all those people who take the time to share their own creative ventures and daily escapades. It is a pleasure to share and be shared with.

My goals have a tendency to be scattered on small scraps of paper throughout my life- my purse, my bedside table, my sewing table, the car, the kitchen, etc. It gets a little crazy, so thanks to the blog Make Something and "My Crafty List of Things To Do" I was inspired to compile a list of my own creative goals early this past year, which tend to be extensive.

I was encouraged and motivated by my list and kept it posted in my sewing room at all times. In 2010 I learned to knit, re-learned to crochet (after a brief, half-assed run at the age of 8), definitely improved in the sewing department (there's still a long way to go!), learned to use my serger, made lounge pants for my boy out of second-hand t-shirts using this tutorial, made this car cozy, created a toy strap, a birthday banner, and a rag bag, among a whole pile of other creative goals.
It was a pretty productive year I'd say, and I'm looking forward to an even more productive 2011.

I thought I would share my list for the coming year with you, maybe to inspire you to create your own, and definitely to keep my ideas in one place where I know it will always be when I want it.
And so, my personal list of crafty plans for 2011:

1. Sew a cover for my sewing machine
2. Crochet a rag rug
3. Make a twin bed quilt for a very special 2nd Birthday
4. Sew the "Four Corners Nursing Top" from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings. Here is an interview with Anna Maria about the book on You can see a photo of the blouse about 4 pics down. DONE!
5. Sew a pair of "Quick Change Trousers" for both my baby boy, and my baby-boy-to-be. These are also found in Handmade Beginnings. I've shown a picture of the trousers in her book on one of my past posts. DONE!
6. Knit a blanket for our little one on the way (I was given some super soft, awesome cotton yarn for Christmas from my man that requires my attention VERY soon!). DONE? (Crochet instead)
7. Re-visit my childhood with a little corking project (also known as spool-knitting)
8. Sew an Ironing board cover. DONE!
9. Sew a picnic blanket similar to one of these.
10. Sew a men's Tie
11. Sew a Travel Laundry bag - A small goal, and yet one I have put off for ages! I meant to have one for our trip to Italy, so for sure this year we will travel with a hand sewn laundry bag (as opposed to stuffing dirty laundry in every small pocket of our backpacks).
12. Make pajama pants for myself. DONE!
13. Make the patchwork denim quilt that has been on my mind for years, and has had me moving 2 full totes of old jeans and denim material from place to place to place to place....
14. Compile and create the perfect travel sewing kit
15. Finish my crocheted blanket that is now on it's way to being in it's tenth month of production. DONE!
16. Create this hanging book display for a kids reading corner in the house - DONE!
17. Make a set of coasters for our family room (Be them knit, crocheted, or sewn, they gotta be soft!)
18. Design a cross-stitch pattern
19. Make Homemade lip balm - I've found some fabulous instruction on the process with this article.
20. Make a cork board out of the insane collection of wine corks I have saved. Here are a few images similar to what I'm thinking of.
21. Make a birthday crown for Levi. Here Soulemama talks about her family's love of the birthday crown and shows a few pics.
22. Create a pinch pouch
23. Knit a pair of socks

This list may be a little aggressive, but that's okay by me. If I accomplish even a few of these I will be as happy as a pig in... well, you get the idea. Accomplishment breeds accomplishment. Just start with one small project, actually finish it, and that toasty warm feeling that can only come from producing something with your own two hands will motivate you to start another, and then WHO KNOWS where your creativity may take you!! I'm hoping it takes me a pretty good distance through this list!
Happy Making :)


  1. Wow! Aggressive and inspiring! I better get my list together. I can't wait to see you knock the stuff off this list. Happy New Year!

  2. Me too! I better get started :) Happy New Year to you!!