Thursday, December 16, 2010

Due to Cold

Things have come to a bit of a halt here with keeping cozy being the new priority. 'Tis the season for illnesses, I know, but it feels like we have been in this cold's midst for weeks!
Sitting here, listening to my little one cough his head off while he sleeps fitfully is highly stressful. To top it off I heard today of someone who lost their 18 month old when their minor "cough" turned out to be a severe strain of influenza. He has seen the doctor 4 times in the past month only to be told not to worry, it's just a minor cough. Now I'm beginning to wonder and, of couse, letting my imagination get the better of me. I think I will visit the doctor AGAIN tomorrow morning just to continue to be sure.
At 6 months old he had "just a minor cough" which turned pretty quickly into bronchitis. The bronchitis itself probably isn't that intense (though at 6 months it seems so), but the x-ray they took to be sure it hadn't gotten as far as pneumonia, most definitely was.
I'll never forget watching my sweet little boy, arms strapped up to his head, crying. I, the adult, was instructed to get behind the protected area, while this small boy is x-rayed. How is it okay for him to be exposed to that while I need to protect myself??
Anyway, I'm veering into a rant. It feels good to get that all out there. I think it may help me sleep a little better - between coughs and crib visits for cuddles and pacifier searches, of course. :(

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