Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Advent Calendars

Ah, advent calendars. Almost better than the big day itself. Almost!
They are the key to our anticipation, and the fuel for planning and progress.
Today is the Day the countdown truly begins. I suppose it can fuel anxiety as well considering now all I can think about is that the countdown has started and I have a lot I want to do!

There were times in my childhood where we had at least 3 daily advent calendars as well as the traditional Sunday advent celebration of lighting a candle and having a bible reading or other devotional. I imagine at some point there was probably even 4, if only to appease the 4 kids that all want to be the one doing the advent on Christmas Eve. It was a very big deal to be the one to velcro that little sequined star or angel to the top of the felt tree!

I inherited one advent calendar that my Aunt Sandi made for us when we were young, and we continue to use it every year. A couple felt ornaments have been lost, but new ones have been made. The occasional fix-it is required but it is in great shape for a nearly 30 year old advent. I'm not sure how old it is, but I can't remember not having it.

I bought this advent calendar at a second hand shop for 5 bucks! What a steal. It is so cute. Now that I have refastened the knob to the end of the dowel, and re-glued down any loosey goosey velcro bits, tomorrow I will choose it's home for the month - only an acceptable one day late. I have 23 days to replace the one missing ornament. A job I should think I can handle, but we'll see how much I procrastinate on this small task.

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24 days until Christmas!!

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