Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beachy Craft Time

Well that's me all caught up on posts that I had wanted to blog about while in the Dominican. This is the last little taste of my beach week, and it's hard to believe I was there only a few days ago... :(

A beach, the sound of the breeze in the palms, one shining sun, and a wee bit of craftiness.
Can there be a better combo?

I knew that amidst all the relaxing I would crave using that downtime for something creative, and cross stitch is just so portable (though remember, NOT airplane friendly what with the scissors and needles). I have lost at least a couple great pairs of mini scissors to the folks checking hand luggage at the airport. I think I have learned my lesson, but only time will tell...

This book is really awesome - if you dig needlework, which I do. It is packed full of super cute motifs and ideas for how to use 'em. I've just started another mini project from it, but sorry I just can't share for the sake of surprises!

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