Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Handmade Holiday - Final Touches

Something on the needles - likely NOT to get completed, but something I'm enjoying just the same. I've learned the cable stitch, and feel that after taking it apart about a hundred times I'm really starting to get the hang of knitting!

Something fresh off the sewing machine:

As a child every Christmas we would open one gift which included a new pair of PJ's and an ornament, so here are the PJ pants for my little guy's Christmas Eve gift. I decided to postpone the creating of the top until after Christmas and instead took the easy way out, and just bought a plain cotton top (which, by the way, is insanely difficult to find in children's clothing! WHY, oh why must every kids top have something stupid written across it!?!?).

A couple more ladybugs:

And a surprise or two that I look forward to sharing with you after the holidays!

So, I may or may not throw down a couple more posts before Christmas. It seems so many blogs I love are taking a few days away, so maybe I will too.
I have really enjoyed working toward a Handmade Holiday, even if it was only for a few gifts. My mind is already reeling for next year's creating and gifting, and I am so excited for it! Thank you so much to Tonya from Plain and Joyful Living for the inspiration, and for bringing so many great ideas to one place.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a very merry Christmas!

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  1. I can't believe you are still getting so much done with a busy little boy around! xo