Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Waldorf Mondays

Only one more week to go in our parent-child group at the Waldorf school. I haven't decided whether I will re-book for the next session. Although I really want to, I may wait until the spring term since I'm only going to get more pregnant, and we are meant to have a pretty snowy season (fingers crossed!). It is a half hour drive and may prove difficult some mornings as the winter wears on. As I said though, I'm still undecided...
Levi has become so familiar, and so accustomed to the routines of Monday morning I would hate to affect that now. Monday morning is also something I really look forward to socially, and mentally. We're in a space there where I can completely relax and let him do his thing, bring a project I'm working on, drink some nice tea, and have a good chat.

This morning we got a little crafty, and made these super cute angel ornaments since we all finished stitching together the felt ball we have been working on.

Monday mornings at our group are such a low-key and peaceful way to kick-off a fresh week. I hope the creative, natural play and easy pace that we have experienced here really stays with my little one.

I hope you had a fantastic Monday!

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