Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Travel Tuesday: Chefchaouen Weavers

There are beautiful handmade blankets for sale in Chefchaouen, Morocco. I had the pleasure of watching a few of the men work away at their looms. It seemed like such a meditative task. Ask any one of them about their work and they will share with pride.

There were many offers to visit the home of a local weaver, but we were quite happy hanging around the Ensemble Artisinal, at the edge of the medina, where we were free to walk around, compare prices, and watch the men at work.

Many men had their young sons working and learning alongside them, just as they had done next to their own fathers.

Of course, we couldn't resist leaving without one for each of our beds!

There is something so beautiful about a craft that has been handed down from generations past, family teaching family; hard working, experienced, and gifted hands delicately, and lovingly directing young fingers across the fibres, and the wood of the loom. That is what you are supporting, when you buy handmade - so incredible.

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