Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to the Machine

It feels SO good to get back to sewing after nearly 4 months away from it. I had the pleasure of taking my mom's new sewing machine for a spin. It has a lot of nice little features that mine does not.

I love these little reversible pants - Anna Maria Horner's pattern for the "Quick Change Trousers" from her book Handmade Beginnings.

The pattern goes up to 24 months so for the larger pair, Levi's pair, I enlarged the pattern, extending the length by 2 inches, and adding (by eye) as much to the entire pattern as it seems to increase with each size. They turned out a good size, and they should fit for quite some time, especially with all the room available in length.

The materials I used for these 2 pair are from Anna Maria's Folksy Flannels collection.

This third pair I gifted to my cousin's wee one a couple of weeks ago. They were made from a vintage Star Wars bed sheet I have had in my stash for quite some time.

I love a project that let's me combine several different fabrics, as these do.


  1. Those. Are. Awesome! Great use of random fabric too. And the Star Wars... no need tell you that those will be treasured too. I'll maybe give some a go in the near future? Maybe?

  2. Looking good!
    I need a big little push in the direction of my sewing machine - I have a few things waiting their turn.... maybe this year will be a year to 'just do it'.

  3. My gosh- My guy would DIE for those Star Wars pants...it was very much a Star Wars Christmas. I am so glad to see you back at the machine...always an inspiration for me to get started again! (btw- love the new look!)