Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Boy Trousers

My two little boys...just had to try writing that one out (for those who don't know it will be so in approximately 3 weeks!!) :). But yes, I finished two pairs of pants, one each for my two boys! Yay!
I used Anna Maria Horner's pattern for Quick Change Trousers from her book Handmade Beginnings.
I have found at first glance her patterns to be quite daunting (that's the inexperienced sewist in me), but once you get going, and work it through gradually, it really wasn't difficult at all. The second pair was definitely much simpler and much faster (and, as you can see, half the size!).

The material I used is Michael Miller's Play Stripe Lagoon & Groovy Guitars Lagoon for the larger size, and Play Stripe Lagoon & Zoology Lagoon for the smaller pair. Also for both pairs I used a simple black cotton piece for the back panel on the stripey side.

I REALLY love these sweet little pants, and definitely have to figure out how to adapt the pattern to fit a size larger than 24 months.