Friday, February 25, 2011

"Four Corners" Nursing Top

Another Anna Maria Horner pattern from Handmade Beginnings has reached my completed list. I was really hoping I could get it done before the baby decided to make an appearance, and I did. I figure if it wasn't done it would be sitting on my to-do pile for quite some time probably until it's use had expired. It took me a long time as I worked on it in very brief bursts of time, but it finally came together. My dress-form is not sized for me (clearly) and so I have no idea how I'll feel about it once I can wear it post pregnancy without it being a "belly" top. I tried it on once and thought "wow I wish I made this longer" and then I realized it probably won't be THIS short in a week or two!
As it was, knowing I prefer a longer fitting top I made the S/M size but used the length measurement for the M/L size. It only adds an inch, but still. If I made it again I would maybe add 2 or 3 inches to it.

I am regretting using the orange coloured material. I don't know why I used it because as soon as I started I thought that it would look bad with my skin tone and it kind of does, but seeing as I'm not much of a sleeveless person, I'll likely always wear a cardy with it anyhow.

I'm in love with the patterned fabric which is Kaffe Fassett, and I'm sorry but I cannot remember the name of it. I just browsed his site and he has some other amazing ones. I just love how bold and patterned all his creations are, from his fabrics to his quilts and beyond.

That's four things checked off my list!


  1. That is a fantastic nursing top. I wish I had that when I was nursing my little ones {many years ago}. And orange is a color I can wear, well, at least in summer when I have a tan.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks! So maybe a tan is what I need... :)

  3. Looks really great! Good job! I can't believe you are still getting so much done at this late date:)