Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrifts of the Week

This past week I found time to do a wee bit of solo thrifting and came home with some pretty sweet stuff.

I'm hoping to find the right sized frame for the awkward size of the linen towel I picked up. It had a tag on it saying "Handprinted Made in Poland". I'm a big fan of bright, bold colours when it comes to decorating and would love to hang this baby up. It would stand out so nicely on our bright yellow kitchen wall.
The handmade pottery piece - blue candleholder - is my favourite, but I'm very much in love with this little blue glass birdie candle holder as well. Really have a thing for birds lately...

The flowered material is currently in the form of curtains and someone has written on them with a blue marker:
Made 1969
Washed '74

I'm happy to say they have once again met with a washing a mere 33 years later in 2011.
Anyway, in my mind this material is a knee length, full skirt, and the other diamond patterned material I picked up at a different shop is destined to be it's waistband. Must seek out the perfect pattern now...


  1. Thrifting is so much fun. I love the candle holder that you found; I have one just like it in Delft blue. I think the curtain would make a great skirt and I'm glad to hear that you washed it.

  2. i thought that print was from romania and would have loved to gotten my hands on that. i have a doll we bought in romania that looks just like the girl on the towel..
    great finds!

  3. Wow! Awesome finds! The material is so super! I love it! I have a friend that collects the little bluebirds...sweet...