Tuesday, November 15, 2011

´Chaouen Moments

You know those pre-baby days of travel, where immediately upon leaving home your whole mind and body check-in to chill-out mode, free from schedules and responsibilities?
Well, this does not happen with kids. Should be obvious I know, but alas, part of me hangs on to this dream, and suddenly I find myself wondering things such as, "What the??? Why aren´t they sleeping [as they never have before]?..."

And then comes the AHA!... We´ve actually had this a few times already and despite putting it into writing, we are destined to have it many more times, but I digress...

The AHA! moment... Oh. Right. You couldn´t care less where we are. You will still continue to laugh, cry, pee, poo, grow teeth, scrape knees, bonk your head, feel afraid, have a funny tummy, eat, not eat, want cuddles, hate cuddles, and all the while keeping us guessing and learning.

It is crazy tough having these 2 little guys as traveling companions; and then suddenly I´m watching my son kick the ball around the main square in Chefchaouen (Morocco) with a group of local kids, integrating in a way I never could, where all the stigmas of adulthood like nervousness, language barriers, and awkwardness cannot go, and I KNOW it´s all worth it.
The little bits in between the tough times are what make it worthwhile because the low lows of parenthood are with us no matter where we are, but these high highs cannot be duplicated.


  1. I love this beautiful photo, Janie! I love all your photos, since you have such a gifted artist's eye, but this one is definitely one to hang on the wall.
    And here's hoping for few low lows, and many high highs in the years to come.

  2. I love this blog! The picture is amazing too...you both are an inspiration! x

  3. Priceless picture!