Friday, November 11, 2011

At The Edge Of The World You Eat Sausages

...And browse the gift shop, buy wool sweaters, pay 50 Euro cent for a pee and, of course, have a photo stop on the giant chair.

My boys are already embarassed of me. Look at them trying to escape!

Quite a difference from our visit to the Westermost point of our world's time clock in Samoa where there is not a soul to be seen, a small wooden sign declares your momentous whereabouts, and an old aquamarine outhouse invites you to spend a few thoughtful moments with the sound of the ocean steps away.

Portugal's Cabo de Sao Vicente (Cape St.Vincent) is the South-Westernmost European point. It affords stunning views plus a touch of vertigo as you stand atop the 90 degree cliffsides staring down into the endless sea.

There were several men fishing from different points along the edge (oh, only 75 metres above the ocean) - hope no one catches a "live one".

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  1. oh wow what a view, and of course "the dorwards" are right at the edge taking pictures. you guys will give me a heart attack one the sausage van haha mam xxxx